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Hand carved wooden paddles of all types: Greenland, Aleutian and Euro style paddles for kayak, canoe, baidarka and raft.

A wooden paddle has a warmth, flex and feel like no other. I build these paddles for my own use and a limited number for sale to those who appreciate fine craftsmanship and love watertools made of premium natural materials.

Lightweight Greenland paddles are popular for being easier on your shoulders and upper body, and because they are excellent tools for sculling and executing a wide variety of Greenland rolls.

greenland paddles by dwkayaks

Paddles are easilty custom sized to match you and your boat.  A basic solid wood Greenland paddle sells for $220 and is comparable in weight to a carbon fiber blade.  Top of the line Euro style whitewater paddles with bent laminated hardwood edges and veneer protected tips are priced at $450 with a range of styles and options in between.

greenland paddles by dwkayaks

Traditionally, Greenland paddles are finished with several coats of hand rubbed oil.  On paddles that will be subject to extreme use (i.e., whitewater applications) sheathing in fiberglass cloth with a polyurethane top coat ensures the ultimate in durability.

greenland paddles by dwkayaks

The narrow blades of a Greenland paddle can be made of a single piece of wood or laminated to increase strength. I recommend an epoxy or dynel tip on all paddles and create numerous paddles with hardwood edges and tips that are both beautiful and durable.

paddles by dwkayaks

Come visit my shop in Bellingham/Acme to see what's available or call to discuss a custom wood paddle made just for you.